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The Advantages of Using Myriadd Solutions

Our services have advantages over paper charts and other electronic health record systems:

  • Freedom from the overhead of handling paper charts.
  • Faster information access for better patient care.
  • Improved efficiency for individual practices.
  • Efficiencies of a region-wide system.
  • Hundreds of thousands of patient records already online.
  • Nationally recognized, locally focused.


In our opinion and that of others throughout the health care industry, Epic is the best electronic health record (EHR) system, hands down.


Why Epic:

1. The best combination of usability and features.

  • Epic has the most complete, easy-to-use functionality, not just for individual physician practices, but also as an EHR that can effectively support an entire healthcare community.

2. A fully integrated system.

  • Epic encompasses not only clinical information but also registration, patient scheduling, and billing.
  • Epic was built from the ground up as a fully integrated system that simplifies the user experience and enhances productivity.

3. Widely used, practice-proven system.

  • Epic has won numerous industry awards, regularly tops the list of EHR systems in surveys, and is used by the Cleveland Clinic, Allina, Kaiser Permanente, the Mayo Clinic, and others. In this region, Epic is used by Swedish, UW Physicians Network, Group Health, the Everett Clinic, Children’s Hospital, and Pacific Medical Center.

Data Analytics

We provide reporting and analytics to improve decision-making and clinical quality. The data analytics service delivered with the Myriadd Solutions offering helps manage patient care and the business.


Reports and Analytics Include: 
  1. Clinical
    • Patient lists
    • Open encounters by visit provider
    • Immunization by age group
    • Patient referrals
  2. Financial
    • Practice productivity
    • Monthly financial summary
    • Charges and payments by procedure
    • Aged accounts receivable with detail and summary
    • Adjustments report
    • Bank deposit report
    • Copay collection activity
    • Undistributed credit detail
    • Payor mix
  1. Meaningful use
  2. Regulatory reports as required

Privacy & Security

Your patient’s safety is our priority, for this reason, we have multiple levels of security in place.



Levels of Security:
  • All data is encrypted.
  • Multiple firewalls are put in place.
  • Users must go through two levels of password protection.
  • Users have different levels of security access so that clinical personnel can only access data appropriate to their role.
  • Every data access attempt is logged and the entire system is regularly audited.
  • Workers using the system are required to sign a confidentiality statement and train on patient privacy and protection.

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