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Myriadd Supply Strategies has the consulting expertise to provide customized supply chain solutions to meet your health system’s strategic goals.  We function as an extension of your care team in delivering quality, value, and results.

Consulting Services

  • Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Value Analysis
  • Procurement
  • Technology & Analytics
  • Non-Labor Expense Reduction
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Value Proposition

  • Augment Bench Strength Acumen
  • Increased Purchasing Power
  • Clinical Alignment
  • Economies of Scale
  • Best Practices & Resiliency
  • Expertise & Business Intelligence
  • Lower Supply Costs & Services
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  • Leadership will provide the governance and guidance to establish a supply chain strategy
  • Develop, implement, and sustain the strategy
  • Align operations and processes across the organization
  • Develop metrics to measure supply chain performance and health
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Optimized Inventory

  • Automate daily activities
  • Minimize stockouts
  • Reduce excess or obsolete inventory
  • Forecasting and responding quickly to change
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