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Myriadd Supply Network provides aggregation opportunities through its contracting portfolio to prepare your organization for the clinical and financial challenges in healthcare, featuring more aggressive pricing than GPOs can offer.

Reduced Costs Through Network Contracts

  • Custom Contracting
  • Rebates
  • Medical/Surgical 
  • Physician Preference Items
  • Commodities
  • Clinical Preference
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Network Aggregated Supply Spend

  • Partnering collectively with local like-minded health entities allows greater results in quality, savings, ability, and cost
  • Providing member results at a fast pace
  • Current geographic focus within the Pacific Northwest with the ability to extend into other regions
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Myriadd Achieve

  • Offers the best total acquisition cost in select categories, in exchange for high commitment with Vizient
  • Commodities and clinical preference
  • Many dual and multi-source contracts available
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  • Significantly reduced supply distribution rates and opportunities in the acute and non-acute spaces with;
    • Medline
    • Fisher
    • Staples
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