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Myriadd Supply Network Services

Myriadd Supply Network aims to deliver exceptional value in supply chain services by creating solutions for success that cannot be achieved independently.

Reduced Costs Through Network Contracts

We offer aggressive pricing discounts and reduce overall costs through locally negotiated network portfolios.



  • Enhanced rebates
  • Tailored contract portfolio for network members
  • Physician preference items (PPI)
  • Additional savings through highly committed contracts

Network Aggregated Supply Spend

Driving member savings by leveraging network spend.



  • Providing member results at a fast pace
  • Shared best practices
  • Contracts negotiated by network on members behalf
  • Solutions that bring transparency to contracts and compliance
  • Leverage network aggregated spend to enhance contracts

Myriadd Achieve

We offer the best total acquisition cost in select categories with exchange for high commitment.



  • Focus on commodities and clinical preference categories
  • Significant savings in exchange for high commitment
  • Many dual, multi-source, and national contracts available
  • Speed to value on items already in use


Custom distribution agreements and rates help our members maximize growth through standardization and consolidation.



  • Significantly reduced supply distribution rates
  • National and private brand selection available
  • MedSurg distribution
  • Lab distribution
  • Office supplies

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